The Role Of Window Treatments in Energy Efficiency

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Energy Efficiency has become an essential part of home ownership today. There are several benefits to energy efficiency, such as: environmental preservation, economic savings, enhanced comfort, and increased property value. Express Blinds, Shutters Shades and Drapes uses only the highest quality energy-efficient window treatments in our clients’ homes. The right window treatment products will not only look amazing in your home, but they will also save you monthly on energy bills, enhance the comfort of your home and conserve energy at the same time.

Understand Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Heating and cooling your home can depend on several factors. One factor is your HVAC unit and its age. How well your home is insulated in its walls and in the roof and attic portions of your home can have a tremendous impact on heating and cooling your home. Another factor is how well your windows and doors are sealed from the outside elements. Air leaks can result in a tremendous amount of energy consumption. Even well-insulated windows can benefit from window treatments that block out additional heat from the sun in the Summer and block out colder air in the winter.

Types of Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

Insulated curtains and Drapes

Insulated curtains and drapes are made with materials that provide an insulation factor to your windows. This aspect makes them excellent energy efficient window treatments for your home. You can draw the curtains or drapes to cover your windows and keep out the sun in a room that is getting too hot, and keep out cool air in the winter, keeping your home warmer and more comfortable, without forcing your HVAC system to work harder to keep up.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are also known as honeycomb shades and are excellent energy-efficient window treatments. Cellular shades are a popular window covering product for those who are looking to enhance their energy efficiency in their home. The key to reducing energy consumption is through their structure. The layers of fabric are formed into honeycomb-shaped cells. The honeycomb structure creates an area where there is a pocket of air, which helps to insulate that portion of the window. This reduces heat transfer back and forth, whether it is keeping hot air out in the Summer, or trapping warm air in during the Winter, keeping the cool air outside and reducing your energy bills. By helping to regulate the indoor temperature of your home, cellular shades can reduce your energy costs and keep your home more comfortable all year long.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are another energy-efficiency-friendly window treatment product. Solar shades are also called sun shades or solar screens. They help to reduce heat from the sun coming through your windows, reduce glare, and reduce UV damage to materials within your home. Solar shades are made of materials that deflect a great deal of the sun’s heat, keeping it out of your home. The energy cost reduction comes from your HVAC system not having to work as hard to keep your home cool during the hot Summer months.

energy-efficient window treatments: compsoite shutters


Interior shutters are an exceptional way to reduce energy costs in your home. Express Blinds, Shutters, Drapes, and Shades can install both wood or composite shutters in your home. Interior shutters act as a thermal barrier, keeping the sun and heat out in the summer, and keeping the warm air in your home in the winter. Since Express Blinds in Knoxville measures your interior shutters for a custom fit, there are significantly fewer gaps for air to escape. This increases the insulation factor of interior shutters. Most shutters have adjustable louvers, which enable you to control the amount of light and sun that comes through.

The Impact of Window Treatments on Energy Efficiency

UV Protection and Light Control

UV light from the sun can be destructive to some surfaces and materials and cause finishes, patterns, and fabrics to fade over time. The right window treatments can provide UV protection, protecting paints, stains, and fabrics such as those found on furniture and carpets, rugs and tapestries from fading.

Having the ability to control the amount of light in any room of your house is a vital part of your comfort of living.  Glare from the sun bouncing off of reflective surfaces such as windshields from other cars in the neighborhood, the angle of the sun at certain times of the day, or too much light when watching your television, can be easily rectified with quality blinds, shades, or drapes.

Outside noise can also be an issue. Whether your neighborhood is on a busy street, there are children outside playing, or your neighbor is using loud power tools for their weekend DIY project, having the ability to close your shutters can help to reduce distracting noise from the outside.

High-quality window treatments can make a huge difference in a home’s aesthetic.

The Right Energy-Efficient Window Treatments for Your Home

With all of the options available, how do you know which window treatments are right for your home? Depending on the number of windows, your home’s interior style, and the climate, it is important to choose the right energy-efficient window treatment products for your home. That is why it is important to consult with the experts at Express Blinds, Shutters, Drapes and Shades. They can help guide you through the perfect options for your home and your situation.

Do you need help selecting the best energy-efficient window treatments for your home? Call Express Blinds today to schedule your in-home consultation!

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