Outdoor Activities for Knoxville Families in Tellico Village

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As the weather warms up, you and your family may be looking for ways to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful scenery of East Tennessee. Knoxville’s Tellico Village area offers more than 20 miles of hiking and walking trails, that will take you through several beautiful neighborhoods in and out of forested areas.

Walking Trails

There are many short walking trails that will take less than an hour to complete and provide beautiful scenery for you and your family to enjoy together. Walking trails in this area include the Toqua walking trail, Coyatee Reserve trail, Kahite trail, and more. The trail builders are not finished building. There are plans to continue building and expanding the trail systems throughout the Tellico Village community to provide even more paths to the great outdoors.

East Lakeshore Hiking Trails

On the east shoreline of Tellico Lake there is a 30.2 mile trail system known as the East Lakeshore National Recreation Trail at Tellico Lake. This trail system begins at the Tellico Dam and wanders through the forest and lake inlets as it borders Tellico Lake all the way up to Route 411 in Monroe County. This trail system has nine trailheads that are within a short 20 minute drive from Tellico Village. An organization called “WATeR” or Watershed Association of Tellico Reservoir, comprised Tellico Village residents, is responsible for maintaining and repairing the trails on a regular basis.

The “Boy Scout” Trails

The series of hiking trails known as the “Boy Scout” trails are located between the northern border of Tellico Village and Tellico Dam. This trail system was originally built by Louden County Troop 54 of the Boy Scouts of America. It twists and turn along the shoreline of Tellico Lake and has multiple elevated sites where hikers can enjoy panoramic views of Tellico Lake, the Village, and the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

Tellico Village Walking Trails

Whether you’re a serious hiker, or a family of four looking for a weekend activity, Tellico Village’s walking trails will provide you with the perfect, scenic experience. Get out and enjoy the warm spring weather and sunshine at one of the many trails in the Tellico area.

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