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Has the recent Daylight Savings time change been messing with your sleep cycle? At Express Blinds, we have solutions for all your panes! Custom window treatments can help you keep your room dark and block more sunlight to easily create a more restful environment. On March 14th, we all rolled our clocks one hour ahead. Now there are fewer hours of sunlight in the mornings and more hours of sunlight in the evenings. This can have a deep impact on your sleep schedule, causing you to toss, turn, and lose out on the precious beauty rest you need. Here are some tips for how you can outsmart the sun and protect your sleep with custom window treatments.

Darken Your Bedroom

Many studies show that it’s easier to get a good night’s sleep when the room is darker. The best way to gain ultimate light control in any room is with custom window treatments. When your room’s darkening shades are down, you’ll be able to continue on in your deep slumber no matter how bright it gets outside.

Block More Light

Room darkening shades can even be paired with light-blocking drapes to eliminate light leaks. However, our blackout shades will be able to block the highest amount of light, making your bedroom nearly pitch black even in the middle of the day. Many of our window coverings also provide a level of sound absorption, decreasing noise from outside—another added bonus to helping you get every minute of the sleep you need.

Utilize a Sleep Schedule

When you stick to a sleep schedule, you’ll be able to make the most of your time to rest. The automation features on our motorized control systems will make it easy for you to for control your custom window treatments. You’ll be able to create schedules for your shades to automatically raise and lower at the exact times that you choose.

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Darla Zorn

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