Commercial Window Treatments to Meet Your Business’s Needs

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High-quality window coverings make a huge difference, not only in the home but also in a professional space. It’s time to bring your business’s interior to the next level with high-quality commercial window treatments to enhance the functionality of your space’s windows. By adding light control, energy efficiency, and can even an element of decor, commercial window treatments will be able to meet your needs and look beautiful in your unique space.

Medical Buildings

For medical spaces, the window treatment needs are different depending on the room. In lobbies or waiting areas, the treatments need to control the light and could be used to add a decorative element. However, in treatment rooms, exam rooms, or offices, window coverings must offer privacy. Roller shades are a simplistic option with a wide variety of fabric options. They provide a sleek look that allows for light control and added privacy in any given room. The functionality and ease of use of roller shades make them a very practical solution for spaces used by many different people throughout the day.

Retail Spaces

When looking for window treatments for a retail space, you’ll likely need something to be able to cover large windows and block the sun. Retail spaces present the unique challenge of needing to block light but still allow customers to be able to see from the outside in. Sun screens, also known as solar shades, are a great option as they are able to be seen through but still limit the amount of light passing through. By blocking UV rays, solar shades provide extra protection to inventory and displays from fading or damage caused by sun exposure.


Restaurants require commercial window treatments that are both functional and stylish. The atmosphere of a restaurant will determine what type of window treatments it will need based on light control and style. Whether your restaurant needs decorative drapes or simplistic shades, Express Blinds has a wide range of options to cover all the bases and meet your window treatment needs.

Commercial Window Treatments at Express Blinds

At Express Blinds, we’re committed to providing excellent customer service. We want to serve you and your business by providing a complimentary consultation, high-quality window treatments, and certified installation in a timely manner. We know how important it is for your business to have effective, good-looking window treatments to complete the aesthetic and make your space reflect your company. Contact Express Blinds to learn more about the wide variety of window treatment options we have for your commercial space, and schedule a consultation appointment with us today.

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